JKTech releases Excel app for mineral processing applications

11 March 2024

JKTech is proud to release an Excel app designed to give mineral processing practitioners an edge in a range of areas - JKToolKit

JKToolKit is a freeware Excel application that provides mining professionals with streamlined access to a suite of powerful calculations, from industry-standard models to sophisticated and novel routines that are only described in the academic literature or specialised reference texts. Some of the flagship features in the version 1 release include:

  • Morrell’s power draw model for tumbling mills
  • Error propagation assessments of yield and recovery calculations
  • Routines to statistically compare trendlines and grade-recovery curves

The application is the latest piece of software released by JKTech, which is known for its range of powerful simulation packages used in the design and optimisation of mineral processing plants and blasting operations.

JKTech Senior Process Specialist Tim Vizcarra said the software will be a valuable addition to the toolbox of production metallurgists, project metallurgists and design engineers.

“Many of the calculation routines in the app have been described in the technical literature, but this doesn’t necessarily make them useful for a broad industry audience; the intent of the app is to make it easier for industry practitioners to make use of some of the developments that have come out of the JK.

“Via JKToolKit, you’ll have streamlined access to some powerful calculation routines; this will help mineral processing practitioners make better sense of their data, and ultimately, make better decisions in their day-to-day jobs.”

A webinar by Tim Vizcarra which announces the release of JKToolKit and provides further details on it can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/jAInUmQSisQ.


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