Value chain optimisation specialist joins JKTech

7 Mar 2024
JKTech Senior Drill & Blast Engineer Lachlan Kennelly

JKTech is pleased to announce that Lachlan Kennelly, a mining engineer with extensive experience in value chain optimisation, has joined the team as Senior Drill & Blast Engineer.

In his new role, Lachlan will apply expertise developed during his more than fifteen year career in the minerals industry – including in drill and blast, value chain optimisation, and product development and implementation – to deliver value to JKTech clients.

“I am looking forward to working with leading technology and a wide array of people across the industry, as well as assisting companies to optimise their projects,” Lachlan said.

“Throughout my career I have developed drill and blast operational expertise as well as expertise with mining technology development and implementation, particularly in the context of value chain optimisation with large Mine to Mill projects.

“I also have specific experience in assisting operations who are transitioning into new or harder ore types, and who are experiencing production challenges as a result.”

“I’m interested in applying that experience at JKTech, particularly by assisting companies with drill and blast operational studies to improve fragmentation, reduce ore loss/dilution and generally enhance blast outcomes to benefit downstream processes.”

JKTech Operations Manager Bevin Wong said Lachlan’s addition to the team aligns well with the company’s growth strategy.

“JKTech’s growth strategy requires us to bring in expertise in skillsets that promote and grow our core strengths, which not only benefits JKTech, but its clients and collaborators,” Bevin said.

“Lachlan brings a wealth of knowledge in operational drill and blast and developing innovative tools, which will be valuable to the continued growth of JKTech’s offerings.”

“Clients will be amazed at his knowledge and relatable persona. His communication skills across both operations and management will make him a valuable asset for our clients.”

If you would like to discuss the different ways Lachlan can assist your operation, you can contact him at