JKTech has a fully commercial laboratory specialising in characterisation of ore and waste materials.

Quantifying the process performance of ore and waste underpins decisions on mining, metallurgical, and environmental process improvement, optimisation, and design.

JKTech's laboratory specialises in delivering high quality, cost-effective, and leading characterisation of ore and waste material using test work programs that are fit for purpose.

Characterisation can be undertaken at various scales from small-scale geometallurgical measurements and tests on drill cores or chips to bench tests or pilot plant trials.

Our technicians can also be deployed to sites for plant surveys and metallurgical and geometallurgical test work programs. They can assist in:

  • training site staff in the details of procedures;
  • training site staff on the use of JKTech specialist equipment;
  • undertaking or supervising test work and surveys on site.

Our laboratory and consultants will advise and guide clients on the best tests and test work programs to meet objectives and budgets.

For more information view our Equipment and Testwork Brochure (PDF, 667.5 KB).