Flotation Chemistry Fundamentals

Flotation Chemistry Fundamentals, delivered by the JKMRC’s Associate Professor Liza Forbes, covers the crucial role of flotation reagents in mineral resource recovery. The course combines an accessible overview of theory, and places it in context with plant practice, delivered through presentations and worked examples from real world flotation operations.    

The course covers topics such as:  

  • Nature of surfaces in flotation and how they can be manipulated  
  • Guidance to identifying and understanding key components of mineral systems 
  • Basic building blocks of flotation reagents and how they work 
  • Common approaches to surface manipulation using chemistry 
  • Selecting the most appropriate reagent suite for your plant  
  • Talking to reagent suppliers and asking the right questions  
Duration:4 weeks access to pre-recorded videos (equivalent to 2-days in-person)
Course Delivery:Online