JKSimMet V6.3 Release - April 2020

30 Apr 2020

JKTech is pleased to announce the release of JKSimMet v6.3!

Discover the key new features in the videos below.

JKSimMet v6.3 contains the following improvements:

  • New licensing mechanism for software: internet-based licensing mechanism to install and run, no USB dongle required;
  • Updated Graphical User Interface (GUI) to adapt to current laptops and HD displays;
  • New features: flexible stream type, global stream arrowhead, Information Blocks hide/show, and movable labels;
  • Flowsheet crash/corruption recovery: maintaining the last saved flowsheet file on every save flowsheet operation; and
  • Bug fixes.

Read the JKSimMet v6.3 Release Notes (December 2020) for further information and discover the new features in the videos below:

1. Short Preview - New Features

2. Auto Labels

3. Flowsheet Drawing

3. Information Blocks

For more information about upgrading to JKSimMet V6.3, or about JKSimMet in general, contact us.