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  • Cost: AUD 2,500 (excluding GST)
  • Location: Online
  • Delivery: Online 4-week course, delivered in English
  • Duration: Equivalent to a 4-day workshop delivered as a self-paced, online course, with content available for a 4-week period
  • Course dates/times: Dates and times listed for this course are in AEST

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About JKMetSkill

With undergraduate metallurgy degree offerings declining around the world, early-career metallurgists often come from a diverse range of educational backgrounds including chemical engineering (itself encompassing disciplines such as oil, gas, water treatment, and biomedical engineering), chemistry, and even environmental engineering. This results in graduates commencing their careers with different knowledge bases, and which may affect the efficacy of on-the-job training and industry development programmes.  

JKMetSkill is a course which is designed to standardise the level of knowledge of metallurgists in their foundational years. It is a four-day equivalent course covering key components of the mining value chain and can be delivered in-person (in Brisbane, at the JK Centre) or online (4-weeks access to pre-recorded videos via JKTech’s online learning platform). Topics include:  

  • Ores & Minerals  
  • Blasting for Metallurgists  
  • Mineralogy, Liberation and Recovery  
  • Laboratory Test Work for Ore Characterisation  
  • Comminution Fundamentals  
  • Flotation & Pulp Chemistry Fundamentals  
  • Plant Surveys – Why Bother?  
  • Mass Balancing Fundamentals  
  • Production Troubleshooting  
  • Concepts of Process Modelling and Simulation  
  • Common Errors in Metallurgical Accounting  

Topics are presented at a conceptual level, with an emphasis on how to apply theory to practice. Lectures are interspersed with practical (Excel-based) activities and case studies to consolidate learnings from each module. While tailored for graduate metallurgists from diverse educational backgrounds, the course has also proved popular with personnel from other related disciplines such as mining and geology, who wish to broaden their knowledge of mineral processing.

“The MetSkill course is a great overview for metallurgists early in their careers. I’ve come away from the week with a multitude of ideas and techniques that can be applied immediately in my role. Thank you!” - Graduate Metallurgist, Evolution Mining

Duration:4 days in-person / 4 weeks online
Course Delivery:Public course (custom in-house courses are also available on request)

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