Simulation of Comminution and Classification Circuits – integrating all tasks within one package.

JKSimMet is an award-winning, general-purpose computer software package for the analysis and simulation of comminution and classification circuits in mineral processing operations, developed from decades of research at the renowned JKMRC from UQ.

The package is designed for metallurgists who wish to apply process analysis techniques to measure and optimise plant performance, and design engineers who require process simulation models to assess design alternatives.

JKSimMet integrates all tasks associated with data analysis, optimisation, design and simulation, including the storage and manipulation of models, data and results, within one package. Mass balancing and model fitting of complete circuits are standard features. It is fully interactive and operates with high-resolution colour graphics. These graphics facilitate the display of detailed plant flowsheets and accompanying information.

JKSimMet allows the user to:

  • Build a graphic-based flowsheet of the processing plant
  • Assign machine criteria and model parameters to each plant case study
  • Simulate the effect of changes in operating conditions and flowsheets to predict product flows, size distributions, and other key performance metrics such as power draws