Our methodology has been proven to effectively design comminution circuits and optimise plant performance via improved productivity and efficiency of comminution and classification circuits around the world.

Our comminution consultants combine years of experience in plant operating practices with a detailed knowledge of the specialist JKTech modelling software which is supported by a very large database of operating sites. Over the years, our consultants have been involved in design and optimisation studies in hundreds of different mineral processing plants around the world. The comminution consulting team are highly skilled specialists with expertise in:

  • Design and optimisation of comminution circuits
  • Comminution modelling and simulation
  • Comminution process training
  • Comminution process benchmarking

Comminution-Related Products and Services

  • We are the developers JKSimMet, an award-winning software package for the analysis and simulation of comminution and classification circuits in mineral processing operations.
  • We offer professional development in ‘Simulation and Optimisation of Crushing and Grinding Circuits’. 
  • Our laboratory offers a suite of tests providing ore characterisation data that can be used in comminution circuit design and simulations as well as to compare the breakage characteristics of past, current and future ore types.
  • Our range of specialist comminution test equipment enables JK Drop Weight and SMC tests to be conducted which are industry-standard tests for ore hardness.

Mineral Separation

Using our operational experience together with our unique evaluation and optimisation methodology, JKTech has improved the operability and performance of mineral separation circuits across a wide range of commodities. Our team is the best equipped to meet all your needs.

Mineral Separation-Related Products and Services

  • We use our expert knowledge in mineral separation and mineralogy to improve mineral separation plant performance, recommend upgrades, and design flowsheets using JKSimFloat
  • We offer professional development in ‘Measurement, Modelling and Simulation of Flotation Circuits’. 
  • Our laboratory offers batch flotation testing to specified test conditions, for optimisation of flotation conditions through to reagent trials and design projects. 
  • Our range of specialist flotation test equipment is the result of decades of flotation characterisation research and development by the JKMRC and industry.

Mineralogical Assessment

Mineralogical analysis can be a powerful tool to provide insights across the value chain and lifecycle of mining projects and operations through routine plant monitoring and future ore characterisation.

We apply mineralogical assessment in the following applications;

  • waste and ore characterisation;
  • material and ore typing;
  • estimating primary grind and regrind targets;
  • developing conceptual flowsheets for mineral separation;
  • routine plant monitoring for process improvement;
  • precious metal and penalty element deportment;
  • implications for rheology and dewatering;
  • assisting in tailings design and management.

JKTech uses a number of mineralogical techniques depending on the objectives and cost vs. benefit including optical, hyperspectral imaging, XRD, MLA, QEMSCAN and microprobe.