Simulation of Steady State Performance in Flotation Plants - helping to improve plant operating performance.

JKSimFloat is a general purpose computer software package for the simulation of flotation plant operations. The package is designed to service the diverse needs of plant metallurgists, design engineers, researchers and consultants.

JKSimFloat integrates tasks associated with data analysis, and circuit simulation in one software package. It is fully interactive, facilitating the display of detailed flotation flowsheets and accompanying information, allowing for easy interpretation of simulation data.

The models behind JKSimFloat have been applied to over 100 flotation operations world-wide in commodities including base metals (e.g. lead, zinc, copper, nickel) and precious metals (e.g. gold, platinum).

JKSimFloat allows the user to:

  • Build a graphic-based flowsheet of the processing plant and test its performance
  • Analyse batch cell and flotation plant data
  • Mass balance on a size by assay basis
  • Simulate the effect of changes in flowsheet to predict flows and metal grades