JK Batch Flotation Cell

JKTech has demonstrated to be at the forefront of flotation characterisation and the value delivered by our JK Batch Flotation Cell is just one example. 

The JK Batch Flotation Cell is a bottom-driven cell that provides accurate, reliable and reproducible results for laboratory flotation tests. The JK Batch Flotation Cell is the authorised specialist equipment to conduct the JK Floatability Index test, enabling prediction of full-scale flotation performance based on laboratory-scale flotation tests, as well as assessing different operating conditions, process flowsheets and reagent schemes.

The JK Batch Flotation Cell is used as part of the standard flotation optimisation methodology for existing plants, where samples of streams are collected from the plant and floated almost immediately in a laboratory batch flotation cell. This allows the floatability of the various streams to be determined throughout the circuit and aids in the understanding of the fast, slow and non-floating material characteristics within the flotation process.

Standard reagent and other ore characterisation tests can also be conducted using the JK Batch Flotation Cell to give results that you can depend on.