JKTech takes a multi-disciplinary approach to geometallurgy, from the understanding of the rock through to the product to identify improvement opportunities and risks, enable sustainable process optimisation and improve forecasting at a tactical and/or strategic level. This approach includes the characterisation and classification of material types, modelling the spatial variability of material types, followed by predicting expected performance under constrained conditions. In our view, geometallurgy extends beyond traditional metallurgical processes such as comminution, flotation, separation by density, and leaching, to include other key extraction processes such as blasting, acid mine drainage, dewatering, dust and material handling.

JKTech geometallurgical expertise includes:

Geometallurgical Consulting

JKTech’s interdisciplinary approach enables us to assist clients to undertake a part or the whole of the journey to delivering value. This includes the identification of key processing issues, design and analysis of geometallurgical characterisation programs, identification of key geological drivers of performance, classification and domaining, proxy based data analysis and models, spatial modelling, performance models, forecasting, scenario modelling and technical risk assessments.

Geometallurgical Characterisation

JKTech offers a suite of geometallurgical tests for the small mass, high volume characterisation of processing attributes to compliment traditional metallurgical tests. Characterisation can include XRD, process mineralogy, crushing, grinding and abrasion tests; rougher and cleaner flotation tests; static and kinetic acid rock drainage tests.