Steel Wheel Abrasion Test & Corrosion Test

JKTech offers a unique testing methodology for the quantitative characterisation of steel media wear in SAG and Ball mills.

The methodology used to characterise steel media wear combines the results of two separate testing procedures that characterise both the abrasive and corrosive wear of steel media respectively, to produce one total wear prediction. 

The first test is called the Steel Wheel Abrasion Test and employs a custom designed test rig, appropriately called the SWAT, and is based on the standard Rubber Wheel Abrasion Tester (RWAT). The new SWAT is designed to overcome certain shortcomings of the RWAT relating to insufficient stress levels to truly reflect those experienced by grinding media in operating mills. The test procedure involves ore of a given size being fed by gravity into the gap between a rotating steel wheel and a stationary section of the steel to tested for wear. The mass of the steel section is measured before and after the test to determine wear and delivers an abrasive wear parameter k1.

The second test characterises the corrosive wear of steel media by employing a standard 200 mm diameter x 300 mm heated and rubber lined batch grinding mill, with a standard tumbling procedure involving the steel media to be tested and appropriate ore slurry. The corrosive parameter produced here is k2.

Sample Requirements - Steel Wheel Abrasion Test: Approximately 3-4 kg of material in the correct size fraction (-850+300 µm) per combination of grinding media and material type. Grinding media as provided by client, preferably 50 mm diameter cylinders. It is recommended to test approximately 3-5 media cylinder samples for each media/material combination.

Sample Requirements - Corrosion Test: Grinding media is to be provided by client – 25 steel balls for each media type to be tested, in the range ~25.4 mm diameter is required. If the specific hardness/media is not available at this size, then similar material in the 25.4 mm size can also be supplied for testing. 10L of process water per media/ore combination. 2-3 kg of material in correct size fraction (850+300 um) for every combination of grinding media and ore type. Sufficient sample must be provided to allow JKTech to prepare the correct material for testing.