Point Load Test

A fast and convenient way to determine the strength and fracture toughness of an ore. 

The Point Load Index can be used to simultaneously characterise rock for blastability and comminution processes.
In a Point Load Test, a sample of rock is mounted between two pointed platens and pressure is applied until failure of the sample occurs.  The peak applied load is recorded and used to calculate the Point Load Index.
Sample Requirements
1. For a Point Load Test: sufficient core to cut 50 pieces with a length to diameter ratio of at least 2.5:1 and a core diameter ideally about 50mm, although 20 to 60 mm is acceptable. Rock pieces in -75+50mm range can also be used - again 50 pieces with 2.5:1 aspect ratio and reasonably parallel end surfaces.  Rocks or core larger than 75 mm cannot be tested due to machine constraints.  Less than 50 particles may be tested if availability is an issue, but results are more accurate if the full amount is provided.
2.  Download the Sample Transmission Forms, which include Sample Hazard Advice Form and Quarantine Declaration Forms.  A completed Sample Hazard Advice Form must accompany every sample shipped to JKTech. In addition, a Quarantine Declaration must be completed for every sample originating from outside Australia.
Key Benefits: 
  • Fast and low cost ore strength index

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