Open Pit Blast Design

Open Pit Blast Design - Analysis and Optimisation
Edited by Andrew Scott
This book addresses the challenge of optimising the design of blasts for open pit mines and quarries.
It presents a practical approach to the design and assessment of blasts, and demonstrates how blasting operations can be engineered not only to solve classic blasting problems, but also to optimise blasting performance to meet the needs of excavation and downstream handling and beneficiation processes.
The approach utilises the computer-based methodology and monitoring instrumentation developed by the JKMRC Blasting Group in over 15 years of applied research and consulting in Australia and overseas.
The book is intended to assist drilling and blasting engineers to understand their current operations and to modify blast designs and field practices to achieve target blasting performance. The text will also be of value to students of mining, civil engineering or environmental technology and engineers no directly involved in blasting practice but whose function requires them to have some knowledge of the technology.
Topics include:
Blast monitoring and assessment
Rock mass characterisation
Explosive selection
Muckpile properties and grade distribution
Damage and wall control
Environmental impact and monitoring.
This monograph may be purchased through JKMRC.

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