JKSimMet V6 Released

JKTech is proud to announce the release of JKSimMet V6.

Users who are familiar with the previous version - JKSimMet V5.3 - will notice the most obvious changes revolve around the user platform, including a more flexible flowsheet drawer and enhanced data entry and viewing options creating a more user-friendly experience.

Major operational changes include:

  • New graphical user interface – Allows the better control of flowsheet items, auto labelling and control of icon display properties such as line thickness and colour.  A “snap to” grid is provided.  There is a series of new, vector based icons but the V5 icons can also be used.
  • 2D Mass Balancing - a new algorithm permitting the balancing of size-by-assay data as well as flows, sizes and head assays.
  • System Properties - In V6, System Properties serves 2 purposes – as a place to set properties that are global to the project, and to define the elements (“components” in V5) that may be used in mass balancing.
  • Sieve Series and Survey Data Entry - A simplification in V6 is the introduction of the “Master” sieve series. In V5 the user defined individual sieve series for each port for entry ; in V6 the user initially defines as many sieve series for survey data entry as they need, and a single “Master” series for the entire circuit to view and edit data thereafter. The user may define up to 40 sizes in each sieve series in V6, vs. 30 sizes in V5, enabling simulation of the full comminution circuit from the primary crusher to the end of fine grinding.
  • Simulation Manager – Users can run batches of simulations specifying absolute or % change to the original parameter values for each simulation.
  • Configurable Stream Overview – V6 provides complete flexibility for users to construct as many Stream Overviews as required, with several defaults displaying various data. Users can also insert columns, define the data to be displayed, and view or edit the data. In addition the Overview tables can be printed, copied to the clipboard, or exported to Excel.  
  • The Flowsheet Info Blocks - An enhanced version of V5, V6 allows users to view  equipment or stream parameters/data in the Info Blocks. Where the data is user editable (e.g. experimental) it can also be modified in the Info Blocks.
  • Equipment Manager - V6 provides the Configurable Equipment Manager that allows the user to construct summary views for all equipment using a selected model.  This allows flexibility in choosing which parameters to view/edit for a selected model.
  • Help files – The Help files accessible from within the program have been completely revamped and updated.  They now really do help.
  • Simplified Interface Windows - The simulate, mass balance, model fit and graph interface windows have been simplified to make their use more intuitive.

Current JKSimMet maintenance holders will receive the V6 upgrade free of charge.  

For more information about upgrading to Version 6, or about JKSimMet in general, please contact your local JKTech agent.

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