Simulation and Information Management for Blasting in Mines - based on more than two decades of experience.

JKSimBlast is an award-winning, general-purpose software system for simulation and information management for blasting in mines and related operations with the aim of providing the best possible system for blast management.

JKSimBlast has been developed by JKTech based on more than two decades of experience from JKMRC mining research and has over 900 users throughout the world in surface, underground and tunnel blasting applications, working in mines, explosives supply, consulting, contracting and education.

The modular system is designed for engineers who need to standardise their control of blasting, by quantifying and trapping the experience of blasting personnel in a consistent, retrievable format. JKSimBlast can ensure accurate, long-term storage of plans and results, particularly where this is a statutory requirement or for environmental compliance. It applies not only to mine and quarry operations, but also research, education, consulting, contracting and construction. JKSimBlast integrates all tasks associated with design, simulation, analysis and optimisation, including the storage and manipulation of models, data and results, within one system. 

JKSimBlast allows the user to:

  • Define site-specific parameters, explosives, units, operating conditions and objectives.
  • Store blast data in a structured system, with specialist tools for editing and analysis.
  • Integrate related data from other applications.
  • Predict, measure and analyse blast performance.
  • Add custom modules to the system.
  • Trap the experience of drill and blast personnel.

JKSimBlast is distributed through Soft-Blast. Enquiries can also be made through JKTech.

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