2-D Mineral Processing Mass Balancing – identify opportunities for improvement.

JKMultiBal is a powerful tool for the mass-balancing of comminution and flotation circuits and other areas of mineral processing plants.

JKMultiBal utilises the strengths of existing packages such as JKSimMet and JKSimFloat to produce a state of the art two dimensional (size-by-assay) mass-balancing software solution.

The mass balancing engine used by JKMultiBal is a robust and has been rigorously tested by JKTech consulting staff over many years using operation plant data.

JKMultiBal Allows the User to:

  • Build a graphic-based flowsheet of the processing plant
  • Mass balance plant data to obtain a consistent data set
  • Calculate missing data for streams within the circuit

Software Modules:

  • Flowsheet builder  
  • Size by assay mass balancer 
  • Mass balance manager  
  • Reporting functionality

Icons Available:

  • Crushing  
  • Grinding   
  • Classification  
  • Gravity separation   
  • Flotation 
  • Heavy media separation   
  • Thickening and filtration  
  • Splitters    
  • Combiners  

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