JK Rotary Breakage Test

The JK Rotary Breakage Test® offers industry a rapid method for determining reliable impact breakage characterisation data for plant design and optimisation. 

The industry accepted JK impact breakage parameters, A and b, can now reliably be determined using the new generation high throughput JK Rotary Breakage Tester® (JKRBT®).

The JK Rotary Breakage Test provides these breakage parameters for use in the JKSimMet software to analyse and predict AG/SAG mill performance.

Sample Requirements: The typical minimum quantity of sample required to provide sufficient particles for testing is 75 kg of crushed rock in the -53+13.2 mm size range, or 90 kg of drill core. JKTech can prepare a sample to the specified size range from a larger amount if required. For diamond drill core samples, the core must be un-split and have a diameter of at least 50 mm.