JK Floatability Index Test

The JK Floatability Index Test has been developed through years of industrial benchmarking and is the industry’s leading predictive tool for flotation.

The JKTech Floatability Index (JKFi) Test is used to predict the metallurgical performance of flotation circuits before there is a change in plant feed. This simple and cost-effective test was developed by JKTech to routinely determine the ore floatability of the feed to the flotation circuit without repeating full-scale model calibration test work. It allows:

  • comparison and ranking of floatability data from different ores;
  • characterising a floatability response from laboratory data and predicting a full-scale industrial response.

The JKFi makes use of the latest laboratory batch flotation test technology, performing tests at varying bubble surface area flux to derive a floatability index and produce a number of key model parameters from rock samples.

JKSimFloat, in conjunction with the JKFi Test, provides a very powerful tool for minimising the risk of falling concentrate grades or decreased valuable mineral recovery.