JK Drop Weight Test

Maximise ore characteristics and increase productivity with our powerful JK Drop Weight Test – proven for nearly two decades.

The JK Drop Weight Test is an industry standard for use in characterising ore under AG/SAG milling conditions.

The JK Drop Weight Test provides ore specific comminution parameters which are used in the JKSimMet software to analyse and/or predict crusher and AG/SAG mill performance. This allows for optimisation of current circuits or flowsheet design for new circuits.

Developed at UQ’s JKMRC in 1992, the JK Drop Weight Test is a single particle breakage test across 15 size/energy combinations.

Sample Requirements: The minimum quantity of sample required to provide sufficient particles for testing is 100 kg of crushed rock in the -75+12.5 mm size range, or 120 kg of drill core. JKTech can prepare a sample to the specified size range from a larger amount if required. For diamond drill core samples, the core must be un-split and have a diameter of at least 50 mm. Slightly more material is preferred if Bond Rod Mill and/or Ball Mill work index testing is also required. 

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