Isa Mill Test

The IsaMill - a transformation in grinding technology, provides high intensity fine grinding for maximising mineral liberation.

The IsaMill is a grinding technology based on high intensity stirred milling, using inert media that was developed for the processing of fine grained ore bodies. The IsaMill can reduce the energy requirements, and media and capital costs of fine grinding. The patented IsaMill is marketed by Xstrata Technology.

JKTech's 4.0 Litre capacity IsaMill is now available for fine grinding test programs. Using the IsaMill, JKTech can provide evaluations of:

  •  IsaMill grinding in comparison to other grinding methods 
  •  the energy efficiency and consumption of various media types
  •  impact on mineral liberation using quantified mineralogy
  •  the effect of IsaMill grinding on flotation performance
  •  the effect of IsaMill grinding on leach performance
  •  the effect of IsaMill grinding on particle shape
  •  preliminary plant flow sheet design using IsaMills

Sample Requirements: A test program on the IsaMill requires 30 kg of -1mm ore. Coarser ore may be sent if required.

The media to be used is required to be nominated - if unusual media is specified, samples of this may need to be provided. Generally, Magotteaux's Keramax MT1 ceramic media, various river sands or steel balls will be used.

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