High Pressure Grinding Rolls Test

Is the HPGR grinding alternative right for your application?

High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) are increasingly becoming a part of hard rock processing due to their energy efficiency, ability to induce micro-cracks and preferential liberation, coupled with high throughput and high reduction ratio.

JKTech offers two different High Pressure Grinding Rolls tests using a laboratory-scale Krupp Polysius machine:

Type A test: Ore energy response to HPGR – During this test work, the best comminution to energy response is targeted and a minimum of six tests is normally carried out to achieve an effective characterisation of an ore under different HPGR operating pressures.

Type B test: Ore variability response to HPGR – Ore variability tests are carried out on as many ore types as can be provided, to test the relative response of the ore to the same HPGR process settings.

Sample Requirements: The recommended sample size for each HPGR ‘pass’ is between 20 and 30 kg, therefore the HPGR Type A requires between 120-180kg or material to complete 6 passes.