Bench Scale Flotation Testing

Diagnosing and resolving complex flotation issues.

JKTech have conducted numerous bench scale flotation test work programs for a wide range of commodities with varying complexity. Integrated with our consulting and mineralogical assessments, complex flotation issues are diagnosed and resolved successfully.

Our laboratory can be customised to suit your requirements. Flotation tests are performed using our own bottom driven JK Batch Flotation cells, these are used for the following purposes;

  • Flowsheet development
  • Pulp chemistry investigations
  • Reagent screening
  • Deposit variability testing
  • Water quality effects
  • Locked cycle testing

Sample Requirements: A minimum quantity of 5 kg of dry rock sample e.g.: belt cut, stock pile, drill sample, underground, draw point sample, or tailings. Small quantity of current frother and collector. Information on grind size, reagent additions and pulp chemistry.